John u lil shit

hi i love john egbert
idk, about me Same (or, more about me, kinda.) Fashion Japanese fashion has its own tag lol John
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me: forgets i'm wearing eyeliner
me: rubs eyelid
me: who the hell is bucky

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put your media device on shuffle and write the first ten songs that come up. no skipping <3 tag 10 more people.

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AU where Charles and Erik are shitty youtube vloggers. It’s an epic love story (sort of).


im laughin so hard bc noiz literally just walked in there to show off to aoba howmuch sugar daddy status he has like did he even take the thing he was supposed to be buying with him it doesnt even look like he did he just walked in there to flaunt his money, be like “call me daddy”

Why did they throw you in here? Oh, wait, let me guess. It’s a trap. So that when Aang shows up to help me, you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches!

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praise this manga



#this looks like a weird techno music video

#you win or you die by lmfao

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Yosuke’s referring to Teddie in a reindeer suit here but what’s really, very important is that YOSUKE KNOWS WHAT FURRIES ARE

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